Cleaning Wipes for Home & Industry

Dyna-Wipes is not just another cleaning wipe.  There is a difference!


Dyna-Wipes-the pre-moistened cleaning towel nicknamed; the "goof" cleaner.  It works on just about any stain!  Pull out a perforated wipe and start cleaning!


The fresh citrus fragrance is pleasant and non irritating. Dyna Wipes are non-flammable and biodegadable. 

Just to give you a snapshot ....  Dyna-Wipes removes from hands and surfaces....


dirt, grease, carpet spots, permanent marker, tar & asphalt, glues, paints, tree pitch, caulking, nail polish and much more..with just a rub of the towel on the area your problem is gone!


See our terrific testimonials.  These are unsoliciated, from everyday users on how they use our cleaning wipe.

For specific cleaning problems, click on the tab that can answer your questions when using Dyna-Wipes.  If you can't find the answer, just click on contact us and ask your question.


If you like cleaning wipes, you will want to add Dyna-Wipes to your cleaning projects!  Once you learn the many applications, you will join our other customers and say, "I can't be without my Dyna-Wipes!"

If you are familiar with the QVC Shopping Network, Dyna-Wipes was declared the best new product in Washington State 1997.  And for 11 years we supplied QVC's discerning customers with our product.  If this cleaning product wasn't of top quality truthful in it's claims, Dyna-Wipes would have been gone.  Dyna-Wipes had a 91% approval rating after 11 years.